BESD Primary School Project

As our eldest children are reaching school age we are embarking upon the next step and working towards opening a Waldorf Primary School Education Program in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish  Ministry of Education. The school's approach will focus on the education of the whole child (academically, socially, emotionally, and physically) in Turkish, English, Mathematics, Sports, Science and Arts.

Imece Cocuk Bahcesi Primary School will serve a maximum of 16 students per class grade.

Building requirements for the Primary School:

Total 195 qm2

2x Play room incl. Kitchen 40 qm2
2x Dormitory  15 qm2    
2x Arts room        15 qm2
Management office 10 qm2
2x Bathroom  10 qm2
1x teachers bathroom  10 qm2
Entry area   10 qm2
Storage Area  5 qm2
Physical legal requirements for the Primary School

Total:  307 qm2 + Kitchen & Canteen

  By Law min. qm2 Nr of room
Kindergarten Class (1.5 m2/child) 30 1 30
Classrooms                                      20 4 80
Library 50 1 50
Kitchen as required   20
Canteen      as required   ??
Sports hall, closed 80 1 80
Managers room 10 1 10
Teacher' s room  16 1 16
Play garden (2 m2/child) 200   00
Pschologist    10 1 10
WC 1 for every 30 students 4 8
WC 1 for every 30 teachers   4
Building Materials

With respect for ecology, our environment and local traditional architecture we aim to build the school as stone buildings using stone, aktoprak, kum & kirec. All other interior materials will be natural such as wooden floors, etc.

Strategic Plan
  • By the school year 2015/16 to open the Anaokulu in its new location
  • By the school year 2015/16 open the Primary School with:
                            1 x First Grade Class
                            Kitchen & Canteen
                            Sports Hall
                            Managers room
                            Teachers room
                            Psychologist room
                            4 Bathrooms

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