Our Aim

The aim of the Bodrum Egitim Sanati Dernegi is to provide a learning environment that reflects the needs of the developing child with his own strengths, abilities, and talents, and to provide learning opportunities that support different learning styles and linguistic needs, working with and taking into account the values and aims of The Turkish Ministry of Education. The children are encouraged to think globally, act locally, and to develop intercultural appreciation through the study of other countries, cultures, and languages.

As part of a growing international network of Waldorf Schools (the 3rd largest Educational method in the world), we are committed to protecting the experience and integrity of childhood. We cultivate a warm and caring community of teachers, families, local and international culture, and friends in which to educate our children.

At Bodrum Egitim Sanati Dernegi we are dedicated to inspiring in each of our students:

  • A creative and curious mind
  • A caring nature and strong sense of morality
  • A commitment to the care of all living things
  • An appreciation and respect for nature
  • A joy for life, learning and meaningful work

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