Imece Play Club

Play Groups for Children ages 1.5 to 6 years old inspired by the Waldorf Education Approach

'Imece’- The Turkish rural tradition - originally based in agricultural areas without municipal support - of helping and sharing work within community. A way of working based on unwritten laws whereby one helps the other in turns in order for sustainability to thrive.

Our Vision

Our dream is to create and nurture a loving and caring space for our children, an extension of their homes in a playgroup environment. We want our children to engage with their heads, hands and hearts by creating a homely environment, and using natural materials as much as possible for toys, crafts & arts. We want our kids to spend as much time as possible outdoors whatever the weather, to play, explore and learn in a natural environment. Hence we take our inspiration from the Waldorf Education.

Imece playgroups serve a maximum of 22 children aged between 1.5 to 6 years old. Parents are engaged with playgroup activities such as gardening, cleaning, laundry, organizing festivities, picnics, etc. Each child, family and teacher are seen as equal partners and are encouraged to participate in their child’s education. Importantly, we represent a group of multi-religious and multi-cultural backgrounds; therefore celebrate all cultural and religious festivals.

Our mission

Our mission is to work towards being recognised as a fully accredited Waldorf kindergarten. Details can be found here <>

Why a non-profit parent initiative?

We believe Education is a Human Right; every child has a right to be well educated. Nowadays you either get an education provided by the state government, or you need to pay a lot of money for a private education. Imece's founding families felt like many of the pre-school options locally were too expensive, and too academically orientated. Furthermore we observed that these kindergartens do not provide children with enough outside time, there are too many kids in a classroom, the waiting lists are too long, and the food-plan not healthy. Each child's individual needs must be fully recognized, and parents need the opportunity to be involved in their child’s education during early childhood.

BESD Primary School Project

As our eldest children are reaching school age we are embarking upon the next step and working towards opening a Waldorf Primary School Education Program in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish Ministry of Education. The school's approach will focus on the education of the whole child (academically, socially, emotionally, and physically) in Turkish, English, Mathematics, Sports, Science and Arts.



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